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lifecoach near me, best lifecoaching services, florida lifecoach

Welcome To Mindset

Tallahassee, FL Life Coaching Services

Dedicated Life Coaching in Tallahassee, FL, and Beyond

Compassion and perspective to turn your intentions into actions

Here’s a simple but often overlooked truth: no one has it all figured out. We all go through periods of transition, forks in the road, and times when we just aren’t where we hoped we would be—or we don’t know where we want to be. That’s why I’m here!

Life coaching gives you a compassionate, non-judgmental space with a person who specializes in helping you find your path forward, creating a clear path toward the balanced, exciting, successful, hopeful, and fulfilling life you want. Come as you are – all are welcome.

That’s life coaching, and that’s what I do at Mindset.

Hi, I'm Clarissa

lifecoach near me, best lifecoaching services, florida lifecoach

Life Coaching Services: My Specialties

  • General life coaching – Uncovering your dreams, desires, and goals, then creating the roadmap to get you there
  • Teen life coaching – Managing the whirlwind of adolescence and the transition from high school to adulthood
  • Career development coaching – Discerning what you want from your career and charting a path to get you there
  • Nutrition coaching – Navigating your relationship with food and movement and the role they both play in your overall health and happiness

Why a Life Coach?

You aren't meant to do everything alone!

Making big changes in life is hard. We aren't meant to navigate this whole life on our own. Its okay to ask for help--and that's where the magic of Coaching comes to life.
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Life Coaching vs. Therapy: What’s the Difference?

Life coaching and therapy are two services that have different focuses, but work wonderfully together! While therapy is designed around introspection, your deep emotions, and processing your lived experiences, life coaching is designed around concrete action. Life coaching can take the insights you’ve gained from therapy and use them to shape a plan for improving your life—but don’t worry, life coaching is helpful even if you’ve never been to therapy.

Accountability + Direction

Most people know what they need to do, they just need help getting started.

Motivation + Support

When it comes to making BIG change, its normal to need help getting started and keeping the ball rolling.


Coaching programs are designed based on each client’s specific needs & goals

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching ensures that you feel confident and capable long after the formal coaching program is complete

lifecoach near me, best lifecoaching services, florida lifecoach

Let's get coffee
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Mindset Life Coaching serves clients from Orlando and beyond including:

Altamonte Springs | Boca Raton | Clearwater | Coral Gables | Fort Lauderdale | Hollywood | Jacksonville | Miami | Naples | Pensacola | Tallahassee | Palm Beach | Windermere | St. Petersburg | Tampa