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Teen & Young Adult Life Coaching With Mindset

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Teen & Young Adult Life Coaching

The teen and young adult years are a time of profound growth and change. The transition from adolescence to adulthood, the pressure to choose and plan out a lifelong career, the shifting relationships with family and friends – it’s quite a journey! The stress and pressure to get everything just right can take a toll on self-esteem, relationships, school performance, stress levels–and it’s no smooth sailing for parents either! 

I’m here to help, offering empathetic and objective guidance to help your teen both work toward a healthy, productive future and embrace the joys of this time of life. Sessions are also available to help parents navigate this challenging and overwhelming time. Sometimes, even when we are doing our absolute best, we need to call in reinforcements. That’s why I’m here!

How Can Teen & Young Adult Life Coaching Help?

As a life coach with distinctive experience helping teens and young adults, I’ve had the privilege to help my clients with a wide range of goals. These include to name a few:

  • Exploring and identifying a future career
  • Planning how to succeed in a chosen career path
  • Managing the shifting relationships with parents
  • Adjusting to life at college or in the workforce
  • Establishing a household as an independent adult
  • Developing goals for adult life and creating a plan to work toward those goals
  • Adjusting to new independence and managing one’s finances, health, household responsibilities, work, social calendar, and so on
  • Coping with the added stress of adult life
  • Navigating relationships and friendships
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Improving communications skills
  • Time management and stress management


These are merely a few of the many reasons my clients come to me for help. With a focus on personal growth and a sympathetic and neutral ear, I can help teens establish a path for a successful and fulfilling adulthood.


Life Coaching for Parents of Teenagers

Parents, life coaching isn’t just for teens! A healthy and productive transition to adulthood involves you too. As a life coach, I work with teens directly, but I also work with parents, both independently and alongside their teens, to help the entire family foster a healthy dynamic and navigate the many changes that come from this time of life.


Pricing for Teen & Young Adult Life Coaching

My life coaching is conducted on a per-session basis, although most clients should expect sessions every week for 2-3 months. My pricing is straightforward:

  • $150 for a one-hour session
  • $100 for a 30-minute half-session
  • $100 for a Parent check-in call for a 30-minute session

Mindset Life Coaching serves clients from Orlando and beyond including:

Altamonte Springs | Boca Raton | Clearwater | Coral Gables | Fort Lauderdale | Hollywood | Jacksonville | Miami | Naples | Pensacola | Tallahassee | Palm Beach | Windermere | St. Petersburg | Tampa