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Career Coaching Services With Mindset

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Career Coaching

Are you…

…Not sure if you’re on the right career path?

…Having a hard time finding purpose and meaning in your current career?

…Considering leaving the corporate grind to start your own business?

…Unsure how to get from your current position to your dream job?

…Struggling to shape the career or lifestyle you want?

…Trying to develop a particular leadership skill (communication skills, conflict management, managing up)?

…Having a hard time finding balance between career aspirations, home life, and personal growth?

You’re in the right place! I’ve helped professionals across the country in countless industries navigate these challenges. With a coach by your side, you can achieve all that you hope for and more!

What Is Career Coaching?

The term “career coaching” is a nebulous one – some coaches use it for resume development and interview coaching services, and some operate in more of a recruitment and networking arena. At Mindset, career coaching is focused on your professional life as a whole, and how it connects and influences all other parts of your life. Your professional life does not exist in a vacuum. How you approach and balance all other parts of your life interplay with your ability to succeed professionally. Each part matters and we will touch on it all!

Career Coaching for Entrepreneurs

While I love working with professionals across a wide range of industries, roles, and sectors, I have particular expertise in helping people who are transitioning to entrepreneurship–or who have been at it for a little while and need help making it all work. Starting your own business involves a shift in your thought process, how you talk and think about “work” and the way you balance it all. I can help you develop a steady mindset as you get your business off the ground or help you adapt to the unique struggles and challenges that come along with growing your existing small business.

Career Coaching Pricing

All of my career coaching services are offered on a per-session basis, priced at:

  • $150 for one-hour full session
  • $100 for a 30-minute half session

Most clients are best served with weekly sessions for 2-3 months but there’s no commitment required.


Mindset Life Coaching serves clients from Orlando and beyond including:

Altamonte Springs | Boca Raton | Clearwater | Coral Gables | Fort Lauderdale | Hollywood | Jacksonville | Miami | Naples | Pensacola | Tallahassee | Palm Beach | Windermere | St. Petersburg | Tampa