Hi, I'm Clarissa

I’m a builder, a dreamer, a seeker. I believe everyone has a purpose, and I am here to help you find yours. I specialize in organizing your existing greatness and fostering meaningful growth. I focus on life plans, priority planning, and seeing yourself more completely. There is beauty and greatness and potential in every one of us, sometimes its just hard to see without a shift in perspective. Let’s turn things around, upside down, shake things up a little

Why a Life Coach?

You aren't meant to do everything alone!

Making big changes in life is hard. We aren't meant to navigate this whole life on our own. Its okay to ask for help--and that's where the magic of Coaching comes to life.
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Accountability + Direction

Most people know what they need to do, they just need help getting started.

Motivation + Support

When it comes to making BIG change, its normal to need help getting started and keeping the ball rolling.


Coaching programs are designed based on each client’s specific needs & goals

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching ensures that you feel confident and capable long after the formal coaching program is complete

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