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I'm here to help you finally do that thing.

lifecoach near me, best lifecoaching services, florida lifecoach

Hi, I'm Clarissa
I'm a Life Coach based in Orlando, FL

Why Life Coaching?

We all have times in our lives when we feel stuck, not knowing how to move forward toward what we want. That’s what life coaching is all about! I help clients with a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Career growth, transitions, and professional innovation
  • Life transitions like high school/college graduation, marriage, divorce, early adulthood, having kids, etc.
  • Improving all aspects of health and wellness–mental, physical, and social
  • Managing relationship skills, developing communication skills, and setting healthy boundaries
  • Career changes, professional development, or starting a business
  • Establishing work-life balance (and making sure there’s room for play too!)
  • Building friendships, navigating family relationships, and self-growth
  • Figuring out what’s missing from your life and how to pursue what brings you joy


These are just a few of the reasons my clients come to me. Not sure if life coaching can help you? Just ask!

Core Values in Coaching


Unpacking your mental landscape and simply bringing awareness to everything you are going through is the first step in Life Coaching sessions. We map out everything you are currently carrying in your mental load. It’s decluttering for the mind and its so powerful!

Holding Space

As a Life Coach, my biggest role is to hold space for each client’s needs, fears, emotions, and overwhelm. Our sessions will be your space to bring all of life’s heaviest and hardest things. I will always have space and time for you.


The most important result of Life Coaching is the Mindset Toolbox. Having a framework and skillset to tackle future obstacles is the long-term reward for the hard work done in each session


The ultimate goal is for each client to take meaningful action toward their deepest desires and goals. Creating action plans, providing accountability, and navigating obstacles are a big part of what we will work on together.

Client Experiences

lifecoach near me, best lifecoaching services, florida lifecoach
"Clarissa is a natural life coach. She always comes to sessions with a positive, gentle, encouraging attitude. I look forward to our sessions because I always leave feeling incredibly refocused and recharged. She does a great job of getting to the root of what troubles me and I feel like I have the tools to handle situations on my own with confidence. I would recommend her to friends, family, and anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves."
- Jess
"I really appreciate Clarissa at Mindset. She has a wonderful attention to detail and really wants to get to know you as a client. Clarissa is full of empathy and thoughtfulness , and aims to reframe her clients’ thinking to a much more positive outlook. She is caring, attentive, passionate, motivating, encouraging, and validating. In our time together, I never felt rushed or under a time crunch; rather I felt that every second counted toward my overall goal setting."
- Sam
"Every time I leave a session with Clarissa, I feel a rush of both relief and excitement. It is so helpful to have a kind, warm voice of reason. She helps me sort through everything I’m stressing about and create a plan that makes me feel like I know what I’m doing! She asks questions and really hears me. She listens to all of my worries and concerns and never makes me feel like my emotions are bad or unreasonable. She’s like the perfect mix of a best friend, a great therapist, a nutrition coach, and problem solver."
- Mara

Education & Credentials

Life Coach Certification

Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Nutrition Certification

Precision Nutrition

Bachelor of Science English, Minor Studio Art
Masters of Science Urban Planning, Minor Dispute Resolution

Florida State University

lifecoach near me, best life coaching services, florida lifecoach
“ My mission is to help people develop the tools and confidence to create meaningful change and live the life they've always wanted. ”
Clarissa Detzel
Life Coach

Mindset Life Coaching serves clients from Orlando and beyond including:

Altamonte Springs | Boca Raton | Clearwater | Coral Gables | Fort Lauderdale | Hollywood | Jacksonville | Miami | Naples | Pensacola | Tallahassee | Palm Beach | Windermere | St. Petersburg | Tampa